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    #GTeam Employee Spotlight: Meet Jennifer Lewis

     Jennifer is a Front-of-House Manager at 1905 Ingersoll Ave., our flagship location, and has been a #GTeam staple since Day One. You can usually find her chatting it up with regulars, suggesting perfect Divine Pies based on their preferences and serving up her famous homemade Scotcharoos. Oh, the Scotcharoos! Let’s talk more about these delightful treats.

         Jen comes in at the crack of dawn several mornings a week, hits the kitchen lights, and that’s when the magic happens. Her recipe is Top Secret, of course, but I have the clearance to tell you it’s a mixture of sweet butterscotch chips, creamy peanut butter, Rice Crispies and topped off with sweetened milk chocolate icing. They truly are divine.

         Stop in to either location to get your hands on these tasty treats today! It’s guaranteed to become your new guilty pleasure.