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  • Happy Holidays from Gusto Pizza Co.!

    12 Days of Christmas Awesomeness // Stocking Stuffers // "Best of Des Moines"

    It pays to Get Some! Stop in to either Gusto Pizza Co. location and Get Some to be entered into our 12 Days of Christmas Awesomeness contest. Everyone who eats enters, and each day winners will be drawn from each location. The awesomeness begins Dec. 12th and ends on Dec. 23rd. 

    Here's a breakdown of prizes:

    Day 1: Twelve "Limited Edition" American Apparel Gusto Pizza Co. T-shirts

    Day 2: Eleven bottles of wine

    Day 3: Ten gift certificates for one large Signature Pizza from Gusto Pizza Co. 

    Day 4: Nine six-packs of local Iowa microbrew (12 oz.)

    Day 5: Eight $25 Gusto Pizza Co. gift cards

    Day 6: Seven $50 gift cards to one of our favorite locally owned businesses

    Day 7: Six premium chocolate assortments from Chocolaterie Stam

    Day 8: Five premium spiral-cut smoked hams each with a six-pack of Hamm's Premium Lager

    Day 9: Four gift certificate packages for one large Signature Pizza per month for 2015

    Day 10: Three pizza parties at Gusto Pizza Co. for up to 20 guests (7 large pizzas, house salad and n/a beverages)

    Day 11: Two pairs of tickets to Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival 2014 (includes Bacon Fest hats and koozies)

    Day 12: One 42-inch flat screen LED TV

    Give the Gift of Gusto!

    Surprise your friends and family with the ultimate stocking stuffer. Stop in to either Gusto Pizza Co. location and pick up our reloadable gift cards for all your loved ones.

    As part of the 12 Days of Christmas Awesomeness, you can earn bonus gift cards: buy $30, get $5; buy $50, get $10; buy $100, get a roll of the "Dice of Awesomeness" with a chance to win upto $60 free. BOOM!

    We also have T-shirts, hats, a house-made Gusto Pizza Co. spice blend, plus house-made dressings for sale this holiday season. Even Santa can't top that! 

    Vote with Gusto!

    Vote Gusto Pizza Co. in Cityview’s 2015 “Best of Des Moines” competition -- nominations are now underway!

    Best Local Pizza

    Best Local Restaurant Period

    Best Local Family Restaurant

    Best Local Chef (Joe McConville, Gusto Pizza Co.)

    Best Ingersoll Restaurant

    Best Local Wait Staff

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    Best Local American Food

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    Best Local Place to Take Visitors

    THANK YOU, gracious Gustomers, for your support!