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  • Taking a Slice Out of Hunger with Food Bank of Iowa

    At Gusto Pizza Co., we've made it our company mission to Take a Slice Out of Hunger. We've even built an entire charity campaign emblazoned with the TASOOH namesake that aims to help local organizations alleviate hunger issues throughout Central Iowa. 

    "But why go it alone?" you ask. Good question, but we're not. We've enlisted the dutiful services of some incredible local organizations to help us take a slice out of hunger, such as Food Bank of Iowa, Central Iowa Shelter & Services, Eat Greater Des Moines, JOPPA Outreach and DMARC Food Pantry Network. 

    Our flagship annual event, the Take a Slice Out of Hunger Charity Golf Classic, raised over $14,000; $2,500 of which we donated to JOPPA Outreach and the remainder directly benefitted Food Bank of Iowa. 

    The Food Bank of Iowa is a private, charitable, not-for-profit organization committed to alleviating hunger through food distribution, partnership and education, according to their website. Their ultimate vision is a hunger-free Iowa. Together, we will work to make a hunger-free Iowa, one slice at a time. 

    To learn more, visit Food Bank of Iowa's website here