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  • Road to the Best Gusto | March to the Menu

    The sixth annual Road to the Best Gusto tournament is upon us. That means it’s YOUR time to create a wickedly awesome concept for a Divine Pie (and a rockin' name) to see if it can March to the Menu! You can win awesome prizes (like a pizza party for 20), land a coveted roster spot on our menu and get free high-fives for life. The stakes are high, the competition is fiercely delicious and there can only be ONE winner.

    Here’s how it works:

    To submit your Divine Pie creation, visit our website and provide contact info, the name of the pie, and a detailed description of its toppings, starting with Gusto crust – the rest is up to you. This year, you’ll compete in a regional style bracket tournament, against other Gustomers from your local storefront, whether it’s downtown, West Des Moines or Johnston. In addition to battling against other submissions from your respective location, we will also feature a local celebrity bracket. Once each finalist has been chosen from each storefront (DSM, WDM, Johnston) and the celebrity bracket, the final four will duke it out to see who makes it to the championship.  

    Entries will be due by March 4th at 10:00 pm and we will crown a champion on March 31st.  Submissions will be accepted via our website. Keep your eyes peeled for details and a sharing contest (#RTBG) on Facebook and Twitter. So tell your friends, family and foes to c’mon down to Gusto Pizza Co. and Get Some! ‘Cause it’s ON! 

    Check out the Championship Revealing vid from 2015 here.