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  • Meet the G-Team!

    Meet the G-Team!
    Meet the G-Team!
    Casey Morgan is a rock star manager at our flagship location on Ingersoll Avenue and is one of our marketing + social media gurus. We love him so much that we wanted to give our Gustomers the inside scoop on the life of Casey. Gusto Pizza Co. Director of Operations, Chase Eslinger, sat down with Casey on a lovely, 28 degree spring morning for a short interview...
    Chase: How many years of your life have to dedicated to Gusto?
    Casey: Seven sweet, fantastic, unforgettable years.
    Chase: What do you find most enjoyable about working for Gusto?
    Casey: The people. Interacting with staff and customers in a fun fast-paced environment drives me. It's always interesting and there is never a dull moment. I DO IT FOR THE PEOPLE!
    Chase: How many push-ups can you do while singing Marky Mark's Good Vibrations simultaneously?
    Casey: Solid twenty. Twenty-two if Donnie D's on the back up.
    Chase: If you could be an animal in your past life, what would it be and why?
    Casey: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, because pizza! Raphael all the way. Cowabunga, dude!
    Chase: Favorite local brewery + beer?
    Casey: Confluence DSM IPA is the go-to. I believe it is the most well-balanced local IPA in the area. They do a great job and we are proud to support them at all Gusto locations.
    Chase: What is your all-time favorite Gusto Pizza creation?
    Casey: The Vincent Van Goat. It's one of the most interesting pies we have ever created over the years and there is nothing else quite like it in Des Moines.
    Chase: Where can our Gustomers find you on your days off?
    Casey: Usually next door at the greatest cocktail lounge in Des Moines--Juniper Moon. Come peep the scene!
    Chase: On top of your excellent social skills, you're quite the chef in your own kitchen. I hear you have an uncanny love with preparing couscous as a side dish with every single meal. If you were never allowed to make couscous again, what would be your side dish of choice?
    Casey: Pasta, hands-down. Like, all of it. 

    Casey Morgan is Drake University alum with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. He's also an alum of the Iowa Culinary Institute. You can find Casey slingin' pies and giving out free high-fives at Gusto Pizza Company at 1905 Ingersoll Avenue in Des Moines. He's the life of our pizza party and a huge advocate of man-buns and fun socks.