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  • Slice Out Hunger and help JOPPA

    Slice Out Hunger and help JOPPA

    We are gearing up to raise money for our great friends at JOPPA. 

    Their mission is to create communities of unconditional love, support and hope for the homeless as we work together to prevent and ultimately end homelessness.

    Rather than relying on government funding or creating redundant services, Joppa collaborates with other agencies, helps people access resources, and develops unique programs that fill gaps and meet unmet needs in outreach, housing and education.

    Outreach: Survival, Support & Hope.

    So what can you do? Go to and sign up for a good time. Bring some friends Sunday June 3rd 3pm-7pm at the Rollins Mansion for our low country shrimp boil. Live music and silent auction. 

    Busy Sunday? Make it a 3 day weekend and join us Monday at 10am for our golf outing at Waveland. Always a great time with lot's of added fun on course.