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  • Meet the G-Team!

    Meet the G-Team!
    Meet the G-Team!

    Addison Williamson & Jon Brimeyer are uniquely divine individuals who add a plethora of character to the G-Team. You have probably seen these young guns hauling the Gustomobile around this summer and managing trailer events all over town. While splitting time between multiple locations working and burning rubber in the G-Team van, these cats were hard to track down but Gusto Pizza Co. Director of Operations, Chase Eslinger, was able to sit them down to ask a few questions about themselves (because it's provocative and it gets the people going)!
    Chase: What has been your favorite event this summer with the Gustomobile?
    Addison: Just like life, they're all a blur at this point in the summer, however, 80/35 is and forever will be my favorite reocurring event! 
    Jon: Jasper Winery Summer Concert Series on Thursday nights!
    Chase: I know from experience that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes for each trailer event. Can you explain to our Gustomers what sort of prep each event entails?
    Addison: Events take a lot of time to prepare for. The ovens need to begin heating up four hours prior to an event. What heats the oven, you ask? Propane! How do we get the propane tanks to ACE Hardware? We drive the G-Team van! What powers the G-Team van and the trailer generator? Gasoline! We have to hook up the trailer as well and fill the water tanks... events take a lot of time to prepare for. 
    Jon: All four stores do the food prep for us, which is a blessing. It takes a lot of work to make those pizzas so divine. God Bless. We usually do four sets of ten pull-ups on the back of the trailer as well.
    Chase: Do you guys ever serve "up dog" on the trailer?
    Addison: Obviously. It is item #4 on the trailer's secret menu.
    Jon: What's "up dog"?
    Chase: Who's really the big man on campus and in charge on the trailer? 
    Addison: It's really a collaborative event that tens of people take part in making happen. Jon and I have determined that while I'm the "manager", he is the "captain".
    Jon: Joe is the "event coordinator", Addi is the "manager", and I'm "the looks" ;) 
    Chase: Describe the perfect trailer event for the Gustomobile to be at.
    Addison: A chinook helicopter would transport the trailer, Jon, and myself to a remote mountaintop in Italy. We would bust out some 'za while ABBA plays live music for a large crowd. The wine would never run low and the moon would never set. The only issue would be getting home the next day...
    Jon: Anywhere with our loving Gustomers! Y'all the best. Lots of love, fam. 
    Chase: Who is your all-time favorite Gusto colleague/coworker?
    Addison: This guy next to me! *gives Jon a loving knee pat*
    Jon: I'm gonna give my love to Addi. It'd be hard to work together if we didn't get along so well.
    Chase: When the trailer is rockin' who is playing the tunes and what's jamming? 
    Addison: The blutooth speaker automatically connects to my phone and turns on my 70s playlist every time I start the generator. So... yeah, what do you think?
    Jon: The trailer screams 70s-80s playlists and a lot of Leon Bridges. Oh, and Bruno Mars! *Jump in the Cadillac, girl let's put some miles on it*
    Chase: How fast is too fast while hauling the Gustomobile? How fast have you driven the G-Team van?
    Addison: Anything over 9 parsecs/hour feels a bit unmanageable. I once did the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs with just the G-Team van, however.
    Jon: I'm not good behind the wheel. I don't know if I want to say anything. Are the owners going to read this??

    Chase: If there is a bit of advice for the younger generation of Gustomers and future G-Teamers, what would it be?
    Addison: Spend time with your family, drinks lots of water, and don't be afraid to take risks!
    Jon: You know in middle school at the dances, you got the girls on one side and the boys on the other? Always cross the line and talk to that special someone. Get the party going. Love everybody!

    Addison Williamson is currently enrolled at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, where he is a senior English major and Math minor. He loves literature, cooking, and tries to drink 200 ounces of water a day. He respects a firm handshake and loves to dance in the rain. A goal of his in life is to open and own an Armenian restaurant in the Midwest, maybe even Des Moines.

    Jon Brimeyer is currently enrolled at Iowa State University where he is a senior Finance and Economics major and Management minor. He asks that everyone who reads this say a prayer for him to make it through his final year of college. People ask Jon what he's up to, and Jon always replies, "living my best life". Jon goes by Jonny B and loves soccer and backward hats. He always dreams big and gets after it.