Road To The Best Gusto

Congratulations Deburg-OH! and Auto-Bahn-Mi

Our strongest field yet ended in a down-to-the-wire East vs West battle royale. And two finalists coming out on top were the Deburg-OH! and Auto-Bahn-Mi.

Final Round Voting

In this round, the only way to vote is at Gusto! Our champion will be crowned after this weekend when our contenders face the true test, which one can sell the most pies.

The finals will begin at 5pm Thursday and run through 9pm Sunday. Small pizzas are worth one point and larges are worth two points. So bring your friends and bring your family and Get Some Gusto!

Here's a Recap of the Finalist Recipes

Deburg-OH!: Garlic cream sauce, beef tenderloin, mushrooms, oregano, basil, Gouda, topped with Sauterne reduction and Parmigiano-Reggiano

Auto-Bahn-Mi: Sriracha Stone Ground Mustard Sauce, Fire Roasted Pork, Ham, Pella Bologna, Mozzarella, Jalapeno and Red Onion with Cilantro and Pickled Radish, Cucumber, and Carrot